For us at La Clusaz, the fact that we produce some of the foodstuffs we offer to our guests is a source of pride and satisfaction, as well as a genuine expression of the spirit of the Grange family, who have owned the inn since 1925 and have a long tradition of catering, hospitality and producing pork-meat products and cheeses.

Behind this labour lies a passion for organic produce and genuine flavours. The perpetuation of traditional production methods over many years has become a time-honoured rite, bringing great pleasure and a sense of purpose.



Our produce is limited in quantity but high on quality. The seasons dictate the tasks we engage in throughout the year and what we can produce at any given time.


When our pigs are butchered, we produce the salami, dry-cured ham and local black puddings which feature on our traditional menu.


We also make our own butter and a number of traditional local cheeses: fontina, the main ingredient in local soups, vapellenentse, cognentse and rebleque, a soft cheese which is also served as a dessert with cinnamon, rum and cane sugar.