What makes us special, we believe, is the great importance each of us ascribes to team work and the enthusiasm with which we approach our task. The staff of “La Clusaz”, led and managed by Maurizio Grange and Sevi Math, together constitute the heart of the Inn/Restaurant.

We are a group of highly motivated professionals, each eager to use our individual skills and give of our best, finding satisfaction in our work and taking pride in being part of a strong, cohesive team.

The kitchen crew consists of four chefs, each specialized in preparing one of the four components of our menus: hors-d’oeuvre, entrée, main course and dessert. Maurizio Grange supervises and coordinates the work, and ensures that the various dishes complement one another. He is also a great connoisseur of cheeses, and this is very much his department.

The restaurant, on the other hand, is the domain of Sevi Math, who attends to the needs of our guests, organizes the work of our two waiters and maintains a delicately balanced relationship with the kitchen staff.


Piergiorgio Pellerei

Our chef, he worked in different location, the last in London, before coming to "La Clusaz". He is highly skilled particulary in cooking meats and combining differents ingredients. He is responsable for our main courses and for coordinating the other dishes.



Alberto Norbiato

He works in many different important hotels and now is our confectioner. You will enjoy his fragrant "focaccia", his desserts and the unforgettable pasty which concludes every meal at "La Clusaz"


Maurizio Grange

The owner of "La Clusaz", Maurizio Grange attended catering school then worked in various establishments, first in Switzerland and latterly with Georges Cogny in Farini d'Olmo (Piacenza), before devoting himself to the family business. He noe manges the entreprise and the Restaurant's team of chefs.

Restaurant service

Sevi Math and Maurizio Grange, ably assisted by our waiters, will do their very best to ensure that you and your fellow guests spend a pleasant evening enjoying choice cuisine, carefully selected picturesque surroundings and a crackling fire.